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I have lost 90 pounds and I did it all through hard work and perseverance. I am still on my journey as I work towards a healthier BMI. Most of us know what it takes to lose weight or be healthier; the hard part is sticking to it. The best thing that happened to me is my boyfriend AJ. He never tires of talking about living a healthy lifestyle and he has become my mental coach without even knowing it. He has been the key for me. I have tried many times before and never gotten this far.


I would like to return the favor by helping others on their fitness journey. I have created a private Facebook group. It’s a Fit Tribe for anyone who would like to get healthy. Join me and others as we share our struggles and draw strength from each other. We will have virtual challenges, celebrate each other, and have a weekly Zoom call for 1 hour to keep each other motivated. Let's do this! Subscribe below, then request to join the private group here.

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