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Diversifying the Corporate Dress Code

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely upended the way many of us work, but it has also given companies time to reevaluate their old, outdated policies. The cry for inclusion is getting louder, not just in the streets but also in the workplace. And savvy business leaders are listening.

My company is using this time to diversify our dress code. We want our employees to feel more free to express their cultural heritage and individuality whether they're working in the office or participating in video conferences from home. We're having meaningful discussions on everything from head coverings to piercings, and I'm drawing inspiration from Air New Zealand, which made headlines last year when the CEO got rid of the company's ban on tattoos. Bravo!

Forbes says, "managers who empower their employees to be themselves at work lead to increased productivity, motivation and engagement. Leaders who take the time to build relationships with their employees experience stronger and more loyal bonds." In short, diversity is good for business. Employees are happier and more productive. And that's the goal.

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