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Does Work-Life Balance Even Exist?

Relaxing on vacation in Australia

As women, we tend to put a lot on ourselves. We give to everyone else, sometimes to our own detriment. And just when we think we've mastered juggling our responsibilities at home and at work, something comes along to break our stride. It helps to be able to adjust to the ebb and flow of life's changes. Sometimes, work requires more attention, and other times, home requires more. With that being said, it's all about planning. No, you can't plan everything, and life can ruin even the best-laid plans, but strategy is key.

I spend about an hour on Sunday nights planning the week for myself and Trace. I use a weekly calendar for him and a personal planner for myself. I think about the things I want to focus on and I list them in order of importance. Then, I fill in the details. Take a look.

1. God - church, prayer, Bible study

2. Me - exercise, self-care, development

3. Family - doctor appointments, movie nights, activities, chores, projects, home improvement

4. Work - meetings, projects, trainings

5. Goals with DeLibra - planning and posting content

I fall short every week, but that's okay! I try to learn from my mistakes and recalibrate next week. Our work lives and home lives may never be in perfect harmony, but that doesn't mean we should stop pursuing balance. How do you keep your life in balance? Share your tips below.

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