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Family Fun During COVID-19

My son Trace and I are on a much-needed weekend getaway right now. (Don't worry; we're being careful.) All the isolation at home was really getting us down and we just had to get out of town for a while. I miss going out with Trace and doing the things we love to do like going to the movies and eating at our favorite restaurants. Yes, those businesses are open again, but I just don't feel safe going back yet. I also miss traveling to visit my parents and siblings who live out of state. So much has changed in the past few months, but we're still able to have some fun together. We just had to make some adjustments. Here are my tips for family fun during the coronavirus pandemic:

Our weekly family video chat. It was a Tipsy Tuesday!


We have a family video chat every Tuesday evening. 11 of us come together from 4 different states. We may be separated by hundreds of miles, but my family is more connected now than we have ever been! We even have themes like master classes, Tipsy Tuesday and Taco Tuesday. We use Facebook Messenger for our video chats. Zoom is a great option too.


We're lucky enough to have a pool in our backyard, and it has gotten PLENTY of use since we've been stuck at home this summer. If you don't access to a safe, clean pool, check out a splash pad in your area. My sister takes her son to a nearby splash pad early in the morning when there's no one else around. He loves the water! Backyard sprinklers and garden hoses are some other fun alternatives.


Trace lives for our family walks! We stroll around our neighborhood with our dog Willy and have long conversations. It's such a great opportunity for us to unplug and bond. Backyard camping and neighborhood parks are also great options for getting outside.

On a weekend getaway with Trace after months at home.


I rented a home for our getaway this weekend so we can relax and prepare our own meals in a full-size kitchen. It's far off the beaten path, so we're having no problems distancing from others. It was a long drive, and it took some planning, but it's going to be a great weekend! Plan your own staycation nearby or if you'd like to venture out a little further, check out my blog post on road trips here.

For even more great tips for fun (and safe) summer activities, check out this article from Verywell Family here.

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