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Going Green for Earth Month and Beyond

Climate change is a hot topic in my home, especially during Earth Month. My son Trace cares so much about the environment and he worries that mankind is running out of time to save the world from climate change. Sadly, he's right. Global warming experts warn that we have just a few years to make serious changes before the damage becomes irreversible (New York Times, UN News). So what can we do? Change can be difficult, but it starts with a few small things that can add up in a big way. Here are five simple tips to help you start thinking green.

  1. Don't drive when you can walk. If your destination is within walking distance, leave the car at home and set out on foot. You can also ride a bike if you have one. You'll be cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions and you'll get a little exercise. Win-win!

  2. Opt for reusable shopping bags. Cut down on plastic bags by using your own reusable bags when you shop. It's better for the environment and you won't end up with a drawer full of plastic bags that you'll never use.

  3. Buy items that are used instead of new. By purchasing used clothing and household items instead of new ones, you'll be saving products before they end up in a landfill. This could also drive down the demand for these products and slow down some harmful manufacturing processes.

  4. Go paperless. Opt to receive and pay your bills online to cut down on paper waste.

  5. Reduce, reuse and recycle. Remember this oldie from grade school? It's one of the easiest ways to go green. Reduce your usage of water, electricity and single-use products. Reuse everything from clothing to toilet paper rolls (they're great for crafts). Recycle your paper, plastic and glass. (Learn more about what you can and CANNOT recycle here.)

Want to make an even bigger impact to help fight climate change? Check out the Take Action page at

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