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Mental Toughness: The key to truly hitting your goals.

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Mental Toughness is a big reason why I have been able to lose 60 lbs to date. It is having the willpower or mental fortitude to stick with it. Check out my thoughts and some cool quotes that inspire me to continue my journey.

Please leave thoughts, tips or questions in the comments. I will respond.

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DeLibra Wesley
DeLibra Wesley
Jul 14, 2020

Zondre, this great! Keep pushing. You are beautiful inside and out. Stay tough my friend!


Zondre Morris
Zondre Morris
Jul 07, 2020

Hey Dee, This is great! I loved all the quotes. I also believe mental toughness is what propels one to keep pushing to achieve the mission. I've realized lately I have issues with subconscious self sabotage when it comes to my weight and health. It's held me back. It's constant self negativity for a pretty positive person. This is what I have to work on and find a way to change those negative thoughts into positive messages for my brain and body to wrok in sync. I began the book Stop Doing That Sh*t and it really helps with discovering self sabotage and learning to correct it. For all your fans out there I would recommend it if …

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