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Why You Should be Lifting Weights

It's time to put some weight on - that barbell! According to Shape, not only should we be lifting weights, but we should be lifting HEAVY weights. I know, I know! Some of you worry that strength training will make you big and bulky. It's just not true. Shape says, "the more your weight comes from muscle (rather than fat) the smaller you'll be. In fact, body weight often goes up with strength training, but dress size goes down one or two sizes." And who doesn't want a smaller dress size? But that's just one of the many benefits of strength training. Check out the list below and read the Shape article here for full details. Happy lifting!


  1. Torch body fat

  2. Lose belly fat

  3. Muscle definition

  4. Burn more calories than cardio

  5. Strengthen your bones

  6. Get stronger (of course)

  7. Prevent injury

  8. Improve running

  9. Increase flexibility

  10. Boost heart health

  11. Feel empowered!

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