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Feel like there's never enough time? Here's why.

If you're like me, you feel like there's never enough time in the day. The truth: there IS enough time for us to do everything we need to do; we just let other things get in the way. breaks it down with 10 Reasons Why Some People Feel Like They Don't Have Enough Time. Can you relate to any of these? I'm guilty of #2 and #8.

  1. They don't rise early.

  2. They multitask a lot.

  3. They don't track or budget their time.

  4. They are not organized.

  5. They don't prioritize.

  6. They are easily distracted.

  7. They don't have a daily routine.

  8. They're too concerned with being fast.

  9. They don't review their schedules regularly.

  10. They are negative and have bad attitudes.

Click here for more on these 10 reasons and how to overcome them.

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